Welcome to EXPal,

your convenient virtual currencies Exchanger. EXPal is a trusted and convenient exchange platform that enables you exchange virtual currencies (PayPal USD, Bitcoin USD).

With EXPal as an exchange platform, you can conveniently exchange your virtual currencies to Ghana Cedis and vice versa with ease.

EXPal is easy to use, has lower fees, and processes your orders on time.

Happy exCHANGING Pal!!

Our EXchange Rates

EXPal Buy E-Currency Rate

PayPal USD : GHs ** / $1.00
Bitcoin USD : GHs / $1.00

EXPal Sell E-Currency Rate

PayPal USD : GHs 6.0 / $1.00
Bitcoin USD : GHs (state your rate) / $1.00

Features of EXPal

EXPal allows you to trade virtual currencies: buy Paypal funds and cryptocurrencies using a Mobile Money wallet and exchange funds for Ghana cedis into your Mobile Money wallet. EXPal is build on trust, transpiracy and customer feedback. If anything goes wrong with your order, simply request a refund or request for an in-depth explanation

Its easy and convenient…

Buy E-Currencies

You can buy PayPal funds (dollars) / cryptocurrencies into your already existing PayPal account / Wallet at the rates above with your Mobile Money Wallet. Note, the maximum you buy per day is $1000 and the minimum you can buy is $20.00 (GHS 100)
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Sell E-Currencies

You can exchange your PayPal funds (dollars) for Ghana Cedis, which will be paid to you through a Mobile Money Wallet. Note, the maximum you can sell is $2000 and the minimum is $20.00 per day. We do not require you to create an EXPal account.
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Buy Virtual Visa Cards

Have multiple PayPal accounts and you like to verify it all with a credit card. We have Address Verification System (AVS) enabled cards. The cards are easy to use, no monthly fee and are non reloadable. You can buy an unlimited number of cards

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EXPal Supported Payment Channels


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