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your convenient virtual currencies Exchanger.
EXPal is a trusted and convenient exchange platform that gives you a chance to exchange virtual currencies.

With our unique exchange platform, you can conveniently exchange your virtual currencies to Ghana Cedis and vice versa.

EXPal is easy to use, has lower fees, and processes your orders on time.

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Below is a video instruction guide on how to use EXPal without any difficulties

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Benefits for Everyone

Buy virtual currencies using your Mobile Money Wallet.

Exchange your virtual funds for Ghana cedis right into your Mobile Money Wallet.

Buy Virtual Visa Cards for PayPal verifications

All these amazing services are provided for at the lowest fee ever!

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A unique exchange platform, you can conveniently exchange with


Every fee or deduction made can be accounted for. We do not charge hidden fees like others.

Unique Platform

We use the best methods and technology to provide convenience in exchanging


With over 2 years in existence, we have grown to be know beyond dought

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